Safety and Aftercare

Safety in BDSM

This is the most important topic in this lifestyle. As a Dom, your subs safety is always your priority. On the other side of the coin, as a sub you should not endure more than is safe in order to please your Dom.

Don’t Punish What You Would Not Do…..

Woman_kneeling_and_bound_-_BDSM_1 (1)You should never hand out a punishment you would not do yourself. If you are going to make your sub kneel on dry rice than you should know what that feels like so you know when it is an appropriate punishment. Kneeling for long periods of time on hard surfaces can cause serious nerve damage. Cold showers can cause hypothermia and tying someone up comes with numerous risks. You should never punish in anger and always do your research.

Don’t Be Lazy

Do your research. Know the risks of punishments and bondage. The last thing you want to do is hurt your sub. You are responsible for their safety and well being. You should know your sub, their limits and when they are enduring something dangerous to please you.

After Care….BDSM_whipping

After scenes and especially very emotional ones, it is important to take care of your sub. After care is extremely important. You don’t want your sub to feel unwanted or not cherished. When you bring out certain emotions they need to be dealt with in a caring manner and at that moment. Don’t let it wait. I allow my Sunshine to lie on my chest and go to sleep. This is also
known to be the most intimate of sleeping positions. You find what your sub needs. If you are going to punish you should also praise when things are done well. After scenes that are especially intense or emotional remember to take care of your submissive!!!!!!!

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