Bond Restraints                                             Under the Bed Restraints

Safety First

What is BDSM without restraints. This is one of my favorite parts because you are in total control. One of the reason I am doing a review about restraints is because I hear so much about 50 Shades. In the book he buys zip ties and various rope’s. If you are new to this the last thing you want to do is put on zip ties that can continually tighten and not have a pair of scissors or a sharp knife handy. There are a lot of nerves and small bones in the hands and 1024px-Bondage_with_handcuffs_and_thumbcuffs_in_blue_PVC_shorts_(3175)wrist not to mention tendons. Zip or cable ties can cause serious permanent damage if you do not know what you’re doing. We will discuss some safe ways to use those things on another page.

BDSM Restraints

In BDSM there are a lot of restraints available. Most of them are safe and designed for a purpose so modifications are minimal. I like hand bonds to be Velcro strapped with hoops on each cuff. Also they have to be able to be separated. The hoops give you something to tie rope to and the Velcro is quick and easy.

Door Jam Sex Sling


They pretty much speak for themselves. With the built in restraints this door sling is….well use your imagination.


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