Punishment in BDSMForced_Orgasm_on-stage

Punishment is a big part of the BDSM lifestyle.

Just to put it out there, my favorite punishment is making my sub sleep with my dick in her mouth. Punishments can range from spanking to kneeling on uncooked rice to a 1 minute cold shower. Be creative

Don’t Go Overboard

The punishment should fit the offence and be responsible with your punishments. For example, if your sub enjoys writing don’t make them write sentences for every infraction or they will loose the love of writing and their mental well being should be considered.

Why We Punish

Punishment in meant to correct a behavior. For me I have a hard time using spanking to punish because 99 percent of the time it turns into a scene. There is something about that red ass tha20150228_003413t turns me into a monster. That brings me to my next point, punishments can sometimes turn into some of the best fucking of your life. Don’t use a punishment that your sub enjoys because that can reinforce bad behavior. If you have a brat like I do this can turn into a problem for both of you. In other words don’t be afraid to be creative.

Not always painful

A punishment doesn’t always have to deal with pain. There are many ways to “punish”. Making your sub stand perfectly still and naked as you run a feather over their bare body tickling them. While bond you can bring your sub to the point of orgasm then stop. This can be done several times in a scene and can be quite enjoyable for you.With holding orgasms and insisting on remaining still and quiet are just a few examples.

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