How To Be A Dominant

How To Be A Dominant

First Is What To Expect…

For every Dom it is different but some things are sort of universal. Your sub should greet you at the Woman_kneeling_and_bound_-_BDSM_1 (1)door and look nice for you. Whether that be in your favorite teddy or their birthday suit. That is your decision. Your sub (if your a man) should be able to take all of you in their mouth. This may not happen right away but is definitely a goal that must be achieved. A way to show respect is essential. I prefer kneeling with her eyes lowered and hands on her knees. She is naked of course with her hair out of her face. Of course your sub will make themselves available to you at any time without fail.


The Way…

Doms by nature are control enthusiast. We expect things a certain way. It is your job to communicate your needs to your sub clearly. If the sender and receiver do not understand each other communication did not take place. Communication is so very important. This is true on both sides. So you need to give your sub your undivided attention at a planned time so they can tell you their needs and struggles. After all you are responsible for this persons life. Every smile, every tear is yours and your responsibility. When taking on a new sub a training period is necessary. We will get into this later. Your sub will learn your routine and accommodate you accordingly. They should also be given guidelines on how to act in public if it is different than private(some people will not understand in public). How they act is a direct reflection of you.

Making Them Yours

The submissive you take is yours and as such at some point you have to leRed_Corset_and_BDSM_Collarave your mark. I like a collar but again every Dom is different and it is up to you. My sub has several collars. One of them is very nice and is for wearing out. It could also be some sort of a symbol like a bracelet or a necklace. At that point you give your sub their name. You should have established at the beginning how they are to address you. It should never be by your name. The rules for interacting with others are established.

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