There are many more fetishes than I could ever talk about on one page. Myself, I have a fetish with asses and bondage. Find someone you can explore them with because after all BDSM is a fetish and that’s why we are all here. Please feel free to discuss your fetishes here there is no ridicule. As long as your fetish doesn’t hurt anyone than I say go have fun.

It Can Be Something Simple…

Fetishes can be as simple as pantyhose or hair color. You don’t have to be in BDSM to have a Foot_fetish_couplefetish. They also can and probably will change and evolve over time.Most people have fetishes whether they admit it or not. There is nothing wrong with most fetishes and they can bring a special joy to a person.




Unbelievable Fetishes…

I seen a guy on Facebook posting some rant about weird fetishes and it was hilarious. It at least got me thinking and I wanted to do some research on the subject and this is what I found.


This is being aroused, and yes I said aroused by being covered with insects. I dcockroaches-1373147-1920x1280on’t know about this but to each there own. How do you find out you have this fetish. You fall asleep in the woods wake up covered in ants and the best morning wood of your life. Grew up with cockroaches crawling all over you and learned to like it. They would be unbeatable on Fear Factor. I could see it now, “No don’t pay me just leave me here covered in bugs and close the door on your way out”.




buffy-the-clown-3-1555240This is when Clown make you horny. Now I have heard of and know plenty of people afraid of clowns but none attracted to them. Brings a whole new meaning of hiring a clown for a birthday party. Obviously these people never read Stephen King’s “It” and know nothing about Pennywise.








This is a fetish for men. It is having a thing for women much bigger than they are. That explains a lot of shit for me at least. I never even put two and two together. I have a friend and he isn’t into this no one is.


Now this one I couldn’t believe. Deriving pleasure from the thought of being swallowed whole. I don’t mean just certain body parts, I mean your entire body. What the F@!K. How, why, I 20150605_211942mean damn. Do these people buy giant snakes and hope they get real big. One last ha rah.

Now I don’t put down anyone for their likes. But this one I just can’t wrap my head around.


What Have You Found????

OK everyone. I shared a few with you now share a few back. I am interested in what you find interesting and off the wall. Please post and share here or on social media.

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2 Replies to “Fetishes”

  1. Those are quite some fascinating fetishes. I once watched a tv show called taboo. and there they went into strange fetish such as this person who literally fell in love with his car. And treated his car such as his love partner. I don’t think I have to say more.
    Another one was a woman who literally fell in love with the German Berlin wall. She went as far to request a night with part of the wall and the government said it was fine.
    Thanks for this interesting read. I found your article very interesting.

    1. Sorry for taking so long to get back with you. I have seen some things most would consider odd in my life. In my opinion BDSM is just a magnified portrayal of traditional roles. The relationship I have with my sub is very deep and intense. Much more intense than any other relationship I have ever experienced. I am interested in finding out if the same feelings exist across all fetishes.

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