About Me

Hello I’m Adam

Hi everyone. If your here you have the same interest as I do that’s BDSM. My name is Adam and I am a 42 year old Dom. I live in a 24/7 lifestyle with my sub. Her name is Sunshine. We have been together for over a decade. In all actuality she will probably be managin20150309_202358g this site more than I will.If you live in the lifestyle you will understand.

The BDSM Lifestyle For us

Back to BDSM,this site is everything about BDSM and the lifestyle. We (my wife and I) have always sort of practiced the lifestyle before we really even knew that we were or understood the “lifestyle”. Over the past 5 or so years our sex life has been getting rougher and rougher and we began exploring more of the aspects of BDSM and learning what we could.

My Journey in the Life Style

As we began searching out others to learn from we found that there wasn’t a lot out there and information was limited. I know I have read at least 20 books on being a Dominant and a few of those were written by submissive’s. I have met very few people who practice and thought there should be a site dedicated to the people of BDSM. We have been living in our 24/7 relationship for over 3 years now and we have never been happier in our entire lives. That feeling of something missing in my life has vanished an I am truly happy.


I am a born dominant. That is, I am naturally an aggressive person but and a dominant in almost every aspect of the word. I unintentionally take over where ever I am. When I was in college I led every group I ever worked in and filled in for every teacher that ever had to leave. In my work life it has been much of the same. I got my first lead position at 19 and have been in management ever since. Well, that’s everything about me hope you enjoy my site.



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