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Hello I’m Adam, also known as Daddy, and this is my page. I created this web page for everyone interested in the BDSM world. There is no question that I will not try to answer and if I can’t, I will do my absolute best to find out for you.

Please be respectful of others and this is not a hook up site. This is a site for like minded people to come talk and interact with others who understand the unique issues that arise in this lifestyle.

About BDSM AKA The Lifestyle…20150228_003413

If you are not familiar with BDSM then welcome, and strap yourself in because this rabbit hole goes deep. There are so many different levels and fetishes that most people wouldn’t even begin to imagine what’s out there. From the playful couple that likes to pull hair and use handcuffs from time to time to the hardcore Dom with multiple subs and a fetish with pantyhose. What I’m trying to say is there is a little BDSM in everyone. BDSM can be much more than sex. The foundation of trust, the respect, and control practiced in the bedroom translates very well into a lifestyle outside of the bedroom.

Why I Made the Site

I made this site because I know before I really got into this I had a huge misconception of what BDSM truly was. This is a place where I hope I lay to rest at least some of the preconceived ideas about BDSM. I am kind of an old fashion guy. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong time period. I still believe in the traditional roles of men and women. A tremendous amount of the issues today could be remedied by people getting back to that way of life. Where a man is a man and provides, guides, and disciplines when needed. A woman is nurturing, caring, and respectful. Not only towards others but of themselves. BDSM just exaggerates these roles. Sometimes to there limits. But the premise is the same.


Model_in_classic_HogtieOne of the biggest things is that a relationship like this CANNOT exist without trust. I don’t mean the kind of “I trust my man at the bar without me” trust, I mean I put my life in your hands for you to do with as you will trust. The I give to you my mind, body, soul and you alone own all of me, type of trust. There is a very deep respect for one another. That goes far beyond your vanilla relationship

My Love for BDSM

What I love about BDSM is exploring new ways to enjoy my sub. My sub is not only my sub she is my wife, my best friend, my everything. The thing about a BDSM relationship is that you connect with a person on a level that few people will ever know. You get to know someone at their deepest instinctual level. What is at the core of them, deep down in the places most people hide from. As a Dom you get to build them up, help them conquer their fears, and bring them a type satisfaction and ecstasy they never experienced before.

So Why We Practice BDSM

What is a BDSM relationship without sex. Let’s face it that is why we practice. We desire certain things in the bedroom and like to fuck and fuck hard. Some of us like to take that to another level and turn it into a 24/7 lifestyle.



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